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There is no air in the city, and no air circulation in the building. Summer or winter, even with the radiators turned off and the windows wide open, the heat is sweltering and suffocating. But the tenants suffer through it, the same way they suffer through the miniscule supply of hot water, the missing glass pane on the front door, the broken intercom, and the paper thin walls. Because when it comes right down to it, they’re there because they can’t afford to be anywhere better. And they know it.

How they came there changes from person to person, but there they are.

Struggling through school, minimum wage jobs, debt, disability, general apathy, and worse, always seems so impressive in retrospect. A person’s ability to adapt, to survive, to pull it together never fully acknowledged or even noticed in the day to day grind.

Welcome to 311 Lysgar St. Where old souls come to finish and fresh faces come to start, each caught up in one gasp of air.

[N O - A I R] is an alternate universe crossover RPG between the manga/anime series Bleach and Naruto. The characters are normal people, with normal lives, trying to scrape by like the rest of us. They all reside in the same apartment building which is what ties them together. The game will focus on character development through interaction and circumstance, rather than on accomplishing set plots.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a crack rpg. At the very least, it's a serious game, it will probably move into the realm of 'dark' as time goes by. We expect our players to treat is as such.

[Rules - Regulations - Requirements]

Stay in character. The best thing about AU RPGs is the challenge of staying true to your characters personality, habits and dispositions. And as personality is the only thing that will be tying us to canon in this, it’s crucial. So please, play your character properly, not doing so is insulting and disrespectful to the character and to your fellow players.

Spell-check is your friend. We understand, typos happen, but as a whole, please put your English skills to good use. Good spelling and grammar are good things in rpgs.

Lj-cut is also your friend. We love long posts, but they tend to stretch out friend pages so if your post is over 300 words or so, please put it behind a livejournal cut.

You can play up to FOUR (4) characters. As both Naruto and Bleach have impressive repertoires of characters that can be added to the game, and we would love to have a full cast someday, you can be accepted for up to four characters. However, we want to try and keep something of a balance between cast characters in both series, so please keep that in mind in your applications.

No God-Modding or Powerplaying of CAST characters. As there is such a large number of available characters and it’s likely that we never will really manage to cast them all, MINOR powerplaying of UNCAST characters will be permitted.

Ex: Hinamori-player says that Hinata is one of her roommates, even though there is currently no Hinata-player.

Anything more, such as conversations and action threads with the uncast character, is NOT permitted.

Godmoding of CAST characters is strictly prohibited without permission from the player in question before hand.

Please tag posts in the Main Community boards. When starting threads in the main community, please tag the entries with your character’s name, what kind of a post it is (action thread, log, script, spam) as well as it’s status (open, closed, finished).

Character Personal Journals are mandatory. The roleplaying will take place both in the community boards (third person threads) and in personal journals (first person entries) and as such, a character journal will be required. Personal journals must be updated at least once every two weeks or will be suspended for inactivity (there are always extenuating circumstances).

Mod Note: Please do not make a character journal until after you have been accepted. If you join the community before we accept with a character journal for the character you are applying for, we won't read your application.

Icons are to be ‘Played By’. As this is an AU game and has nothing in common (other than characters) with the original series, characters will need to have ‘played by’ icons. That means, you will need to find a real life person to personify your character in the game. It is generally recommended that you find a celebrity of sorts for this, so actors, musicians, athletes, etc.

Mod Note: The idea for PB icons comes from the brilliant mods over at hs_no_jutsu.

AIM is HIGHLY recommended. Though not mandatory, we do suggest that you have AIM as it is a really convenient way to get a hold of other players, hold chat rooms, play out logs and is the instant messenger that the most people seem to have.

No fighting on the boards. Having issues with another player? That’s not our problem. It’s your problem. So solve it elsewhere or get over it.

Please be tolerant. This RPG is yaoi/yuri/het friendly and has no set rating. Please post NC-17 content behind an lj-cut and write a warning so the other players get some warning.

Mod Note: The game will be following the timeline of the outside world. So if you're post is posted on January 17th, then it's January 17th in the game.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please read the Histories List before applying, your character may have a link with one already established. Additionally, note that histories with dead parents will be frowned upon from now on. If your character's parents aren't dead in canon, then try to come up with a better reason for your character to be where he or she is now.

The history list is not to be used as a list of taken characters - we will often leave the histories for formerly played characters up in case new players wish to borrow from them. Scroll down for a complete list of taken characters.

Apply here!

Mod Note: Applicants may only apply more than once if invited to do so by mods.

[Taken Characters]


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[Disclaimer: We don't own Naruto, and we don't own Bleach. We just think they're awesome.]