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27 March 2007 @ 01:42 am
{{OOC: Man, I lose, big time. I meant to start this thread days ago but went out of town and got sick and junk (not necessarily in that order but still). Anyway, this one's for Ishida<3.}}

Though five in the morning wasn't most people's idea of a fun time to go jogging, Hana and her dogs thought otherwise. Most mornings, they could be found braving the elements for their daily run, releasing pent up energy (in the case of the dogs) and getting in gear for the day to come. She and the dogs were always pleased when people joined them for their early-morning runs, since it happened so infrequently. When Ishida decided to tag along, Hana was pleased enough to hand a leash over to him and allow Shouri to drag him along.

The walk was filled with companionable talk and comfortable silences. When they arrived back at 311, each went their separate ways to clean up before meeting back at the front door at 8:30 sharp. Hana nodded and lead Uryuu out to her truck, unlocking the door for him and buckling the dogs into their crates. The engine purred to life when she turned the key, and (not for the first time) Hana was glad that Shuuhei had insisted she replace her old truck.

"I'm really happy that someone in the building wants to bring one of those puppies home," she told Uryuu as she pulled out onto the street. "They're so sweet, and cute, too. I could probably even get you a discount on your vet bills, if you bring the pup back to the clinic for all its checkups and things."

Hana smiled over at him as she changed lanes, checking her dogs in the rear-view mirror. "Have you been thinking about names?"
[[Wow, I so lose. This is from almost two weeks ago, I just got totally distracted and forgot to post it. So sorry Hana.]]

It'd been a long, though reasonably pleasant day at work. Hana changed out of her clinic lab coat and into more comfortable clothes before heading two doors down the hall to apartment seven and knocking on the door. This particular appointment seemed overdue to her, and since her brother seemed to be having a hard time bucking up, Hana decided to do the job for him. She knew Kiba well enough to know that he didn't mean to cause Hinata any trouble, but still, the younger girl felt his absence, and it bothered Hana to no end.

Silently she waited with her hands in her pockets, rocking on the balls of her feet. Hopefully this would go over well and things could work out in the end for everyone involved.

Hinata paused when she heard the knock, frowning thoughtfully.Collapse )
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Uryuu sat at one of those small café tables that seemed hardly practical for more than two people to share. Barely enough room for a couple of coffee mugs, let alone plates for a proper meal. A glance to his watch proved that the hour was naught but five past twelve -- he didn't have class until the evening. It was one of those long stretches of time which seemed to be without end, and Uryuu pondered what to do with that block of hours. He contented himself for now with watching the people go by, watching the servers go about to and fro between the tables.

Even though...Collapse )
Despite her promise to Ino, Hinata still hadn't been able to deliver the cookies on Valentine's Day. That had seemed too much, too sudden, and she still couldn't quite get past the making a friend stage. So she arrived at his door two days later, nervously holding a plate of cookies (some from Ino, some she had made herself), and knocked as politely as she could.

Backdated to the 19th!
Current Location: Naruto's apartment
Backdated to somewhere around V-day. X3

Girls make guys food to impress them!!!Collapse )
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[OOC: This is backdated to Monday the 12th of February.]

Baking, Hana decided, was a dangerous venture when Shuuhei was around. As she mixed the chocolate batter for the cake she was preparing, she made sure to keep a safe distance from the man who was seated on an otherwise unoccupied portion of the counter. She'd already had to whack his hand with a spoon to keep him from getting "Shuuhei-germs" in the cake mix, and she wasn't planning on exposing her batter to danger again.

Hana stirred the mix in a large plastic bowl, leaning on the counter opposite and down a bit from Shuuhei. "So this girl, Jennifer. Do you really know her at all?"

"Not really. She works in the vocational training program, so we don't really interact much even though we work in the same building," he replied, drumming his heels against the lower cabinet door. "But from what I know of her, she seems nice... Are you sure she has a boyfriend? I can't imagine that she'd ask me out if she had one."

Yay Chocolate!Collapse )
06 February 2007 @ 02:14 pm

This is a fairly important sort of update, and it’s probably best not to skim it quickly. First of all, I’d like to say that this is one of the most unique RPG’s I’ve ever participated in, both because of its original structure and because of the caliber of players we’ve seen in here. I love playing here. What’s also fantastic, is that we’re an RPG that’s made it after an entire year of being open. Most RPGs see a lot of activity for four to six months or so, and then quietly settle back into oblivion (and usually, that’s fine).

The game, however, is admittedly quieter than it was a year ago (and I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought we’d come this far). Everyone has commitments and other sorts or priorities, and we can all relate to that. It is with this in mind that Aqui and I have decided to do a little bit of restructuring to preserve the community we have here, and that you all have helped to create.

1. From the date of this post, players will be given a week to post for each of their respective characters. If you know you’re going to be exceptionally busy or you just don’t have time anymore, that’s okay! Just let us know! We’d like a clean sweep—inactive players will be removed, and we can start fresher, a little more closer, with who we have left.

2. After the first initial week, the rules will change. Instead of requiring one post every two weeks, we will be looking to see one post every week (which still isn’t too much to ask for), and that everyone has managed to comment at least on one other journal (and hey, it’d be cool if people did logs, too). Players who miss posting weekly will be given a “strike”, and we’ll function on the three-strikes-and-you’re-out philosophy. This isn’t to be strict or to force people together, but to make sure that everyone gets included. If you don’t think you can keep up that level of activity, just let us know.

3. Awhile ago, we also posted a poll to see if the community was interested in group chats. It seemed that the majority was, and that’s a great opportunity to plot and to get to know the folks you may not talk to as much—move beyond your bounds! We are, however, looking for volunteers to START said chats as I am often busy in the evening and Aqui is British and thus in another sort of time zone. If you’re interested and have the time, please let one of us know.

4. And, last but not least, we’re also opening up character applications for everyone. If you were ever interested in applying for a second character, feel free to go ahead!

That’s about all, folks. Take care, and we hope to see you in game. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.
19 January 2007 @ 03:46 pm
Naruto winced as he strummed another sour note on his guitar.  He shuffled the papers that held the chords and lyrics to his latest angsty heartbreaking song.  That was what sold afterall and right now he had plenty of inspiration.  It helped to get out a little here and there, but he still missed her a lot.  He didn't even feel like himself lately. 

15 January 2007 @ 09:19 pm
After washing and cleaning the apartment until it shone, Ino found she was still frustrated over the flower shop, at her roommates, and at life in general. She did laundry, cooked, vacuumed, and dusted for hours but was still full of nervous, anxious energy. Looking around the apartment to see if her roommates had gotten the mail (shock, they hadn't) Ino nearly threw her mop through the window in a pure fit of anger. Her father was supposed to send her a new credit card in the mail after destroying the last one in a fit of "independent" rage. After losing her job, living without a credit card was not an option. Especially not since the rent had gone up.

"THANKS FOR NOTHING, GUYS!" Ino screamed to no one in particular. Did she have to do everything? "Useless! The whole lot of them!"

Stomping around the halls and staircases of Lysgar, still wearing her cleaning clothes with her hair tied back in a scarf, Ino made her way to the mailboxes. Of course, her key got stuck when she tried to insert it into the mail \box. Clearly, she was cursed.

This day could not possibly get any worse.