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25 February 2007 @ 07:18 pm
[Aim log] [Naruto and Hinata] [Girls are so confusing...]  
Despite her promise to Ino, Hinata still hadn't been able to deliver the cookies on Valentine's Day. That had seemed too much, too sudden, and she still couldn't quite get past the making a friend stage. So she arrived at his door two days later, nervously holding a plate of cookies (some from Ino, some she had made herself), and knocked as politely as she could.

"...Naruto? Are you home...?"

It took Naruto a few minutes to hear the soft knock at the door. He put his movie on pause and pulled himself up from the couch. He thought he might've heard a voice, but it was too quiet to make anything out. Still, a visitor was a visitor, and Naruto was always excited to hang out with others.

He pulled open the door, smiling brightly, "Hey! Ah, Hinata! How's it going?"

At first she thought he hadn't heard her, but then she thought maybe he wasn't home. She was about to knock again when the door pulled open suddenly and she eeped, surprised.

"Ah, h-hello. Um...I'm fine. I just...thought I would stop by, if that's alright...?" She glanced down at the cookies and felt her cheeks turn very red. "...A-and, um...I brought these, too."

He liked chocolate chip, right? Oh, she hoped he liked chocolate chip.

"Sure thing Hinata, you're totally welcome anytime!" He opened the door a little wider, leaving her room to walk past him as his eyes zeroed in on the treats.

"Cookies!" he grinned, relieving her of the plate. "Dude! Did you make these yourself? They smell awesome!" He walked into the kitchen with them. "Gotta have milk to go with, right? You want a glass? Have a seat, yeah?" They sure smelled like the real thing. How long had it been since he'd had real homemade cookies?

"Ah, um," she followed him in and took a seat as he directed. He talked so quickly and went from one thing to the other faster than she could answer. "I only made some--the others were ones I had been given but couldn't finish." Although saying that it sounded so callous, both towards Ino and Naruto. "I-I mean they're very good! But I thought that, um... Well, you like sweets so I just thought..."

She was rambling, which was never a good sign.

"Um...I'd like a glass of milk too, yes please." Not exactly a subject switch, but it worked well enough.

Naruto returned a moment later with the milk and tray of cookies. "Hehe, that's cool, serious! And here I thought no one was thinkin' of me." He set a mostly clean glass filled with milk in front of her and picked up his own, scanning over the cookies before pulling a chocolate chip from the pile and dunking it in his milk.

"So how've you been? Too bad we haven't got much snow lately, just way cold out there!"

She smiled and nodded her thanks at the glass of milk, and took a small sip as he talked. If she noticed the not-quite-cleanness of it she didn't say anything.

"It's icy," she said softly, setting the cup back down. "It would be fun to sled again. ...But I'm not sure if it's going to snow enough for that before winter's over." Which was a saddening thought--sledding really was fun, and she enjoyed the time with Naruto.

Maybe next year? But who knew where they'd be by then.

"Yeah, kind of a bummer huh?" Naruto took a large bite of his cookie, getting a smudge of chocolate on his face, though he was none-the-wiser. "Well y'know," he started. "Rolling down hills is kinda like... a year round thing, yeah? In Spring and Fall you can do ice-blocking and get these big old hunks of ice and ride it down the hill like a sled. It's kinda tough on the grass, but it's wicked-fun." He took another bite and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

"THen in summer there's always waterparks. I mean, I know they're kinda outta the way, but it's a pretty good summer trip when you don't have a lotta cash."

Hinata had never heard of half the things he was talking about. Ice-blocking? What made it worse was that bit of chocolate on his face distracting her. Eventually it bothered her so much she reached over and wiped it off, only realising after what she'd done and turned bright red.

"Ah, s-sorry! You just...um. There was chocolate, and..."

She took a long drink of her milk, finishing it off quickly.

"...And I've never heard of ice-blocking, but those things sound fun..."

Naruto blinked as she leaned forward to wipe his face. He touched the spot she'd cleaned and grinned back at her. "Whoops," he said sheepishly. "They're uh... really good. Thanks for bringing them."

He nodded, "It's a lot of fun. We did stuff like that over at the youth center all the time." He stopped himself before he said much more. He'd come away from the center with a lot of good memories, but... most people asked a lot of questions that he just... wasn't comfortable answering. "So like, what about you Hinata? What kinda stuff do you like to do for fun?"

She still couldn't believe she did that. It wasn't like he was a child or anything. And she better not tell Ino because her friend would blow it all out of proportion.

"Me...?" She managed to look over at him and quell some of her blushing at his question. "Um...I like to garden. It's hard here in the city, but I have a few potted plants. And um...I like to play with Snuggles..." Compared to what Naruto used to do that sounded rather pathetic, and she blushed a bit. Even so, though, she enjoyed what she did. Although it could get boring at times.

Naruto watched a blush rise in her cheeks and wondered why. Hinata seemed to get embarassed easily. Gardening though, it seemed to suit her. "I bet," he agreed, "seems like it'd be tough to get anything to grow in a place like this." There was no space for a real garden. Not unless they let 'em use the roof or something. They'd had a really neat one at that children's museum he'd visited. "But if anyone could do it, I bet you could Hinata. What kind of things do you grow?" He knew he could get carried away talking about himself, so he figured it would be good to listen from time to time too. Afterall, she'd brought him cookies, and it gave him more time to eat them when words weren't trying to come out while food was going in.

Hinata smiled a little--this was a question she could answer easily. "I like herbs. Plants that can help. Flowers are nice too but I prefer herbs." Her mother had enjoyed that pasttime, and Hinata had taken it up after the older woman had passed on.

"It's not much, really. I could show them to you sometime if you'd like...?"

"Herbs? Like, stuff you season food with, right?" He particularly liked whatever ones they used in the instant ramen packages. Even when they were dried out, when you put 'em in water, it made all the difference. "Yeah, totally, I wanna see what they look like when they're growing. Sounds cool."

"Um, yes. But also ones that can be used as medicine." She'd never been formally trained in how to mix them, and it had been a while since she'd studied up on it. When she was younger she used to love making salves--simple little things, but they were effective. That part of the hobby had fallen to the wayside as she'd had to focus more on school, however.

"I'll bring them over sometime, if you'd like. They really don't look like much but..."

"Oh yeah, huh! I totally forgot you could use 'em for that!" Naruto scratched his head, embarassed. "So you're into medicine and stuff too? Like Sakura?" Most of that kinda stuff was way beyond him, but Sakura had always talked about her studies with the same kind of passion and that's what made it interesting, even if he didn't completely understand.

"Sure, yeah! I'll be sure to ask ya for some next time me n' Sasuke start rough housing." He laughed, only half serious.

Hinata shook her head, although she did feel happy he thought she might be half as skilled as Sakura. "No, not really. I don't really want to be a doctor or anything. I just like to make simple things that can help out with daily life."

She laughed as well, although she really would help him if it came to that. "I'll be sure to keep some handy if you ever need it then."

Huh. Talking with him didn't seem quite so hard as it had before.

"Awesome," he said, and meant it. He reached for another cookie, this one shaped like a little heart. She had said they were leftover from the big V-Day afterall. He bit into it without a second thought. "Oh hey, I was just watchin' some movies. You can stay and watch too if you want. Or if there's nothin' around here, we could always go somewhere and hang out, right? Ah-" he stopped himself mid-sentence. "You probably have work though, huh." And a boyfriend, that friendly little voice in the back of his head chimed in.

Movies? She wasn't entirely sure what he was watching, but she'd enjoyed the last movie night they'd had.

"No, I can watch a movie. For a little while, anyway." She smiled gently. "I have tonight off. But I have class in the morning, so I'm sorry I can't stay late."

"Nah, nah, it's cool, you can leave whenever, I don't wanna keep ya if you got stuff to worry about. I was uh... this'll sound totally lame," he admitted. "But like... when I went out and bought those dorky winnie-the-pooh valentine's, I just had this craving to watch one of the movies."

He picked up the remote and turned the television back on. The screen was paused on a scene with Christopher Robin and the rather large round stuffed bear. "You ever seen Pooh's Grand Adventure?" He laughed at himself again, knowing it sounded dumb. If Sasuke ever caught him watching stuff like that, he'd never live it down. "Or, uh, I've got a decent dvd collection, we could always watch somethin' else."

Hinata smiled and blushed, although for once it wasn't because of embarrassment. "This is fine. I've never seen this before." She'd wanted to--had always loved the books as a child--but such childish things weren't really looked too highly upon back home. It didn't bother her at all that, by most standards, they were much too old for such a movie.

"You always have good movies to show. Thank you."

"Ah, cool!" He flipped off the lights and played with the dvd menu until it started the program over again, this time taking a seat a little closer on the couch to Hinata as well as the rest of the cookies. "There's this great song in it, I kinda wanna learn the chords too. I mean, it's a little juvenile and there's no way Disney would ever let me do a remix or nothin', but I wouldn't mind learning it anyway." He trailed off as the credits began and downed the last of his milk.

She glanced over at him as he sat closer. He probably didn't even notice he'd done so--she couldn't think of why he'd want to, no matter what Ino said.

"I'd like to hear your version," she said softly, glancing back at the television. "You could just do it for fun, couldn't you? Just because you wanted to." She didn't even know the song he meant, but she had a feeling he'd make it sound good. He just seemed the type to be able to make things happen.

"Yeah?" Naruto smiled easily back at her and realized, perhaps for the first time how pretty she was. Her shy face in the low light, pale eyes, dark hair... "Uh..." He swallowed those thoughts back. "I'll write one for you then. To... pay you back for the cookies, y'know? I've been meaning to anyway..."

She nodded and smiled back at him. "That would be nice. But you don't owe me for anything, really. I wanted to share, and it wasn't any trouble at all." Really, she owed him. He'd let her come over and watch that movie with the other tennants and he'd even taken her sledding. One batch of cookies--half of which she hadn't even made herself--didn't really compare. And they definitely didn't seem enough to earn a song.

...It was nice that he'd say something like that though. It had been a long time since she'd gotten something so nice.

Naruto just gave her his usual smile and a shrug. "No worries, you wanted to share and I wanna do this." He was already running through the song in his mind, trying to recall all the lyrics. If something as simple as a song would make her smile like that, it was totally worth it.

"Thank you very much, Naruto." That really did make her happy. He was much too kind to her, that was for certain. She'd have to make lots of cookies in return for this. "I can't wait to hear it."

When she'd first knocked on his door she completely hadn't expected anything like this. She would have to thank Ino for coercing her to visit, definitely.

Naruto could feel his cheeks flush at her gratitude. "S-sure. What's the next day you have time off? I could probably have it done by then..." And besides that, having a deadline always helped him get things finished. Even if it did mean late nights and lots of caffiene.

"Oh, um..." She paused, trying hard to think. She taken extra hours, so when...? "Um...not till Saturday. B-but you don't have to worry about finishing it, really! Don't feel rushed because of me, please. It's your song so you should go at your own pace so you like it..."

...And she was rambling again. She really needed to stop doing that because it was very terribly obvious she was flustered.

"...I'd like to hear it, but you can take your time, really. Please."

Naruto knew now why guys had so much fun teasing girls. They looked so damn cute when they got all nervous like that. He laughed, "Sure, that's plenty of time," he assured her. "Next Saturday. It's a da-" he cut himself off, though it was painfully obvious. A date? Was it really? Hadn't he been pining over Sakura just a few weeks ago? What was wrong with him? Not to mention the whole other guy thing. He wasn't the type to steal someone's girl. Ok, maybe if it was from Sasuke cuz it'd be funny, but... he didn't even KNOW this other guy. He was probably a billion times better and more fun and... "It's a... day... I have off too," he finished, far too late, but trying for a save.

Hinata's smile slipped a little at that. A date? Was that what he'd been about to say? She wasn't sure if she hoped he'd just stumbled his words and meant what he finally said, or if he was just covering up. Kiba might be as gone as Ino said he was, and he could even be with another girl right now...but she felt wrong to give up that hope.

...But Naruto was very nice and sweet and here and she really didn't know what to feel anymore.

"...I'll look forward to it," she finally said, her smiling returning a bit.

"Y-yeah." It was over, he'd botched it up... again. The way her face slipped... she obviously just wanted to be friends. Well, well he could do that, right? He'd been her friend for a while now, so it was just... just the same. He let out a slow, relieved breath and turned his eyes back to the screen as her smile returned. He was probably nothing more than a... brother to her anyway. What was wrong with him? Stupid, stupid stupid...

She felt aweful--she'd messed things up, hadn't she? She was insecure and confused and she'd upset him because of it. And after he'd offered to make a song for her, too.

"I really am," she said softly, hesitating before moving a little bit closer. "I'm really looking forward to Saturday now." If there was any way to make him feel better she wanted to do it. And it wasn't like she was lying--he'd made her week infinitely better, and she knew it would feel like forever until the weekend.

Naruto could not remember a time he'd been more confused. Hadn't she seemed... sad before, but now she was looking forward to it? Girls were so hard to understand.

He gave her a smile so she wouldn't worry. He could try and sort it out later. Maybe he'd ask Ino. She was a girl and understood those... girl...ish things. "R...really?" he tried not to sound as surprised as he felt. "Cool, yeah, it'll totally be fun!"

Hinata smiled a little brighter, honestly happy. "It will be. And I can show you my plants then, too. And you can visit with Snuggles a bit if you'd like." Most people liked visiting with the cat anyway, right? She hoped so, anyway.

"You're always welcome to visit, too, if you want." It was only right to return that offer, and she liked his company. As long as Neji was alright with it, at least.

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