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15 January 2007 @ 09:19 pm
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After washing and cleaning the apartment until it shone, Ino found she was still frustrated over the flower shop, at her roommates, and at life in general. She did laundry, cooked, vacuumed, and dusted for hours but was still full of nervous, anxious energy. Looking around the apartment to see if her roommates had gotten the mail (shock, they hadn't) Ino nearly threw her mop through the window in a pure fit of anger. Her father was supposed to send her a new credit card in the mail after destroying the last one in a fit of "independent" rage. After losing her job, living without a credit card was not an option. Especially not since the rent had gone up.

"THANKS FOR NOTHING, GUYS!" Ino screamed to no one in particular. Did she have to do everything? "Useless! The whole lot of them!"

Stomping around the halls and staircases of Lysgar, still wearing her cleaning clothes with her hair tied back in a scarf, Ino made her way to the mailboxes. Of course, her key got stuck when she tried to insert it into the mail \box. Clearly, she was cursed.

This day could not possibly get any worse.
Uchiha Sasuke: Runawayfilming_revenge on January 16th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
If there was one line Sasuke knew never to use it was that one:

This day could not possibly get any worse.

Because, inevitably, it always did. And somehow that always seemed to be linked to his brother. Or the image of his brother. Or even his mere name. The barest whisper of Itachi was more than enough to send his usually cold demeanor into the fiery bowels of Hell's deepest and darkest layers.

You know, the one where the traitors burned and screamed endlessly for the mercy they would never receive.

Without even a thought given to his roommates, Sasuke stalked out of his apartment, no longer able to concentrate on his would-be perfect plan of revenge. The one that had yet to see any actual material form. Further proof that things could get worse and quite rapidly at that.

The steps were taken quickly, efficiently. There was no hint of a falter, only the single-minded intent on getting the Hell out of this place that served only to remind him of just how far he had fallen. Or that had been it until dark eyes caught the flash of blond and all other thoughts vanished in a puff of acrid black smoke.
Yamanaka Ino: siiiiiiiighbl0nd_ambition on January 16th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
"Bill, bill, more bills," Ino sang as she leaned against the metal boxes and flipped through the mail. There was a Victoria's Secret discount coupon (score!), credit card bills, but no credit card. "Shoot." Guess that meant she would be eating lightly this month. Ramen lightly. All thought unnecessary carbs, the girl thought with a sigh as she struggled to close the rusty mail box. It was of course, a piece of shit, like everything else in this building.

Just as she turned to walk back up to her apartment, she spotted Sasuke who looked less than happy to see her. He was such a baby sometimes. She knew how much he disliked his older brother, but it was so ridiculous to get so angry over just hearing his name. He was all bark and no bite, as far as Ino was concerned. He could dish it (i.e., calling her FAT) but he couldn't take it? His problem.

"Oh. Hey, Sasuke," she said sweetly.
Uchiha Sasuke: Arrogantfilming_revenge on January 16th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
"Tch. . .Don't even. . " Sasuke warned, a malicious bite to his words as he stepped down onto the landing with a stiff pop. Eyes were narrowed at that too sweet tone icing her words. He didn't do sweet. Not in any way, shape, or form. And this. . .she was obviously mocking him.

It hadn't been the first time Ino has used his brother against him. Or had she so easily forgotten the auction and the threats that had compelled him into participating in it? Tch. . .she would simply forget something like that.

Straightening up, Sasuke made it impossible for her to pass up the stairs. Back rigid, arms folded across his chest, a blockade that said go ahead and try . Just remembering the humiliation of that auction night was more than enough to rile up his sense of dignity. And he wasn't even about to reason out the tangled mess his pride was currently concocting up. All impossible hate wound up with that undying sense of not good enough.

She called him an asshole. . .but what about her? She never failed to go straight for the throat when it came to getting her way.
Yamanaka Ino: you're killing me herebl0nd_ambition on January 16th, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
If she were in her usual good mood, there would be some cute banter between her and Sasuke and she would duck under his arm or threaten to hug him or something until he got out of the way. He picked the wrong day to mess with her. Maybe he thought his comments were helpful in some back assed sort of way but they did nothing more than rile her up further.

"Can you get out of my way? I have things to do," Ino tried to shove past him, but he was like a wall or a rock. "Of you have something to say then say it, Sasuke. I don't have time for this."

Her face was turning pink both from putting so much energy in trying to push him and because of how unbearably obnoxious he was being. Of course Sasuke acted like the world owed him something and was a jerk, but that was part of his charm. Now it was just getting on her nerves.
Uchiha Sasuke: Coming Offfilming_revenge on January 16th, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)
It was almost amusing the way she struggled against him. Somehow it managed to drag up memories of high school, her futile shoving embodying what had been her attempts to gain his attention all those years ago. Seems she still couldn't move him, and there was a part of him - that infuriating sense of better that stained his every act - that was completely entertained by it.

As though it vindicated him somehow in the face of his memories.

It still wasn't enough to override the painful sting of pride that urged him to prove himself. Even to this girl that was pushing vainly against him. But perhaps especially to this girl. Because Ino knew the one thing that could render his logic senseless - Itachi. Maybe she didn't know everything, but she knew enough.

"I do," Sasuke muttered irritably, eyes narrowing to mere slits for a few passing seconds. Then all was swift motion and retrained power. Pinning the blond to the nearest wall, the Uchiha heir leaned in, letting lips brush too close to Ino's ear. Subtle. Intimate. "I meant it when I said never to mention his name. Not you or anyone else for that matter will be forgiven for it."
Yamanaka Ino: whygodwhybl0nd_ambition on January 16th, 2007 02:42 am (UTC)
Good lord. Did the men in this building not know any other way to show their "dominance"? Kankurou had pulled the same maneuver with her a few months back. Damn men and their upper body strength. Unlike the weirdo goth guy, Sasuke wasn't the type who looked to get too physical. For all the stuff she pulled with him, this was the first time he had gotten mad.

It was ever so slightly alarming.

"What are you going to do? Beat me up? Kill me? Give me a firm talking to?" Ino snorted, not even bothering to try and push him away. She did squirm because her ear tickled something fierce but she couldn't reach up to scratch it. He would get tired of this soon enough (or someone would walk by, either or) and let her go. She would not show fear.

Even if he was fully capable of doing all of the above.
Uchiha Sasuke: Or you could kiss itfilming_revenge on January 16th, 2007 03:03 am (UTC)
"Why would I waste my time doing such things to you?"

A frigid response that got progressively colder with every syllable that dropped from his lips. A cold reply that seemed all the more menacing given the warmth of breath that punctuated the question against his neck, the close contact of their bodies. And then there was alternating pulse of his fingers against the insides of her wrists, threatening bruises with every thrust into skin. Tiny blue-black reminders of what could have been.

"Besides, there is far worse I could do," he murmured, words delivered with an icy flatness. The only indication he had ever given of the person he could be, the person that was going to be if this continued. Sasuke understood revenge far too well to know that it was a far fall into everything you ever wanted at the price of everything you might have been. A fall made all the easier by a pride so wounded it could demand nothing but revenge.

Dark eyes, a black whirlpool of hellfire and want and all the bitter deals he had ever made, locked with Ino's. An indecipherable mess. Because beneath it all was a hate that sat quietly reminding him that this was his choice, a decision made when so many others had been offered. The pressure against her body eased as he pulled back slightly.

"Don't mention him again."
Yamanaka Ino: biiida :Pbl0nd_ambition on January 16th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
Once upon a time this might have been her ideal daydream. Sasuke, throwing her against a wall and whispering in her ear. The whispers wouldn't have been psychotic threats and certain other things would follow. It was because she read way too many romance novels and because she didn't really know Sasuke. Now she had a nice boyfriend, one who didn't throw her into things (with bad intent, anyway) and who most certainly didn't threaten her even when she did stupid things.

"Let go. This looks weird and you're hurting my wrists." Ino didn't want her neighbors, who had very active imaginations, to think that Sasuke was a drug lord or worse, her pimp, trying to get money from her. She would never find a job if rumors circulated like that. "Don't be stupid."

Speaking of stupidity-- Ino would not again mention the Forbidden Name. It just wasn't worth all of this... whatever it was they were doing.
Uchiha Sasuke: Waitingfilming_revenge on January 16th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
In his own selfish, revenge-induced way, Sasuke was keeping Ino safe. Sure, it involved bruises and threats and him being a true bastard, but. . . .No one needed to be close to him. No one needed to follow him down this road.

No one needed to save him from it either.

"I should say the same to you," said Sasuke, the afterimage of a threat locking in on the tail end of his statement. But already he was releasing her hands and stepping away as though nothing at all had occurred between them. Already shutting the blond out into a world that did not matter to him. Or wasn't suppose to matter to him.

Fingers tugged stubbornly at the creases that had formed in his shirt from his sudden movement. As though by erasing them, he could erase his offenses.

It wasn't that easy though, and he knew it. Resigning himself to that, he threw a hard glare in Ino's direction, a final attempt to close whatever door of communication had been opened between them. Redemption was not found in a dilapidated building among people who knew nothing. Even worse, among people who would not understand, would vainly try to steer him away from this course that colored him colder with every failure that plagued him.
Jiraiyaslow__burn on January 16th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
"Brooding contest, huh?" A disembodied voice observed from left field.

"Tell you what, loser gets to stop being a silly bitch for a minute while the winner gets to get their fucking mail." But, instead of humouring the contest he'd proposed, the rather large (7'0" tall, in fact), unkempt, spitting image of David Bowie kind of just... (un)politely shouldered his way past the emo kid (a push, if you will) and the hot, if not obnoxious blonde (taking a good long time to "get past" her).

Ignoring the two, he took his sweet goddamn time to check his mail and be as intrusive as he could possibly be. There were a lot of subscription renewals for various less-than-family-friendly magazines, bills, and.. what?

"Itachi? Who the fuck names their kid Itachi? I mean, what kind of douchebag name is ITACHI." He turned around, I guess expecting an answer from on of them, although it was really kind of rhetorical, but upon seeing the face of the one kid, what was his name? Sasugay? What? He pointed at him and then looked at Ino. "See, dude agrees with me. Terrible fuckin' name."

But, then a few moments after that comment, he noticed there was still that uncomfortable silence coming from the kid. The kind that was like I've got a knife on me, and I wasn't planning on using it, but I might just for you kind of moment. Then he decided to check the actual name of the recipient and it dawned on him that it wasn't for him at all. See, you could tell he realized it the moment he went "OHHHHHHHHHH"

Then he slapped the piece of mail on the kids chest and told him that "this must be yours, chief."

But, he was still looking pretty pissed, so, he leaned in towards Ino. "Has this dude not had his fix of Linkin Park today, because I think he is about to break," He observed, hand cupping the side of his mouth in a whisper that was still very clearly audible.
kyubi_rock: word up yo!kyubi_rock on January 19th, 2007 03:58 pm (UTC)
Looked like there was a big commotion near the mailboxes. Nothing out of the ordinary really, but then again... looked like Sasuke was there at the heart of it. Big surprise. And looked like he was about to bust a vein or something. Which meant just one thing:

Naruto to the rescue!

"Hey Sasuke!" He gave his room-mate a hearty clap on the back, all smiles as he waved to the others. "What's goin' on, you guys havin' a party without me?"

He gave Ino a bright smile and a nod. She seemed to have seen... better days. "Ino, how's it goin'?!" he offered.

Then there was guy-he-didn't-know. Tall. Old. Weird looking. He knew he recognized the guy from somewhere though. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

And then it hit him. He slunk behind Sasuke and peered over his roomie's shoulder at the way-too-familiar face. "Sasuke," Naruto hissed in a loud whisper. "Why are you arguing with the Goblin King? He doesn't have a crush on you or something does he? You wished he'd come and take me away, didn't you!?"
Jiraiyaslow__burn on January 19th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
"Man, what?" He recoiled in disbelief, because despite being obnoxious, inappropriate, and perverted creative, he did have some common sense about him.

Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed so either...

"Did you... ya know... eat paint chips as a kid?" He inquired to the kid with the immovable hair. "Some of us have hangovers here, man, and you are like... man... just... man... bring down the volume, dude." A kind request as he gently rubbed his temple.

"Also, what's with the hair?"

Don't worry, the irony is not lost.
Uchiha Sasuke: That would be a big mistakefilming_revenge on January 21st, 2007 03:55 am (UTC)
"Tch. . .fucking idiots," Sasuke snarled as he took the letter while deftly shaking Naruto off of his shoulders.

Honestly, who the hell was this freak of old age to talk about his brother's name? Had he looked in the mirror recently? Wait no. . .they were morons. Asking a question like that was completely worthless. After all, one had only to look at Naruto to understand that points such as that were way over their heads.

At least Naruto had proven himself slightly useful in this moment. Namely by distracting Sasuke's hatred [a volatile mix bred from that long-standing pain inspired by his brother's name alone and this new crop that hailed from having a complete stranger commenting on his family] long enough for him to pull away from the ever-growing mass of irritation.

With only a lingering glare [one strangely coated with a fine sheen of hurt] in Ino's direction, Sasuke brushed past his roommate and made for the front door.
Jiraiyaslow__burn on January 21st, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Man, that struck a wrong nerve.

Vulgarity was one thing. I mean, shit, he cursed like a fuckin' sailor, and had the tact of a cinderblock, but Christ, every single thing he's ever heard out of this kid's mouth has always been prefaced with something along the lines of "fucking idiots." Or morons. Or assholes. Or .

He was leaving, and that was good, and any other person would have left things where they were at, but comeon, Jiraiya was far from normal. Far from looking to exceed anybodies expectations. Far from afraid of some confrontation with some angsty punk kid who liked to suck at his teeth a lot.

"I hear you say that shit a lot, bro," he noted indiscretely, and took a long pause to make sure that he had his attention,

"but look where you're at. You can shit on people all you want, that's cool, but don't get any fancy fuckin' ideas that you're actually better than anybody in this building."

Now he decided he should probably leave, but there was always more to say. Always. "Until you've got something significant to show for your existance to back up your shit talk, maybe it'd just be best to keep your mouth shut. Chill out."

Halfway up the stairwell, shuffling slowly, he called out a last time. "Otherwise it'll get real fuckin' lonely up on that pedestal of yours."

"Sorry," he mumbled, to no one in particular; to the railing he was placing his weight against as he ascended. That was probably a little harsher than it should have been, but goddamn if that kid didn't remind him of some bad memories.